Vámonos A Pasear – José Cabrera

Vámonos A Pasear

José Cabrera (Original)
(inspired after Vuelta del Paseo, by Federico García Lorca)

No asesinado, sino nacido,
No por el el cielo, sino desde la tierra.
Allá donde encuentre agua fresca
Dejaré mis raíces crecer.

En la ciudad del insomnio,
de azafrán claro y de miel.
Allá mañana aguarda,
Allá hoy es más que ayer.

Todo lo que hoy ruge, callado,
Se prepara para callar entre rugidos.
Creciendo y no muriendo más!
Naciendo desde esta tierra.


Let’s Go For a Walk

José Cabrera (Translated, English)

Not destroyed, but empowered,
Not by the Heaven but from the Grounds,
Over there I will find fresh water,
and I will let my roots flourish.
In the city of insomnia,
Light saffron and honey,
Over there, tomorrow is an option,
Over there, today is more than yesterday was.
All that now roars, quiet,
Tomorrow will no longer speak
Growing! Dying no more.
Rising on this earth.


Let’s Go For a Walk

Shirley Ariza (Translated, English)

Not stripped of, but given life
Not by the Heavens, but from the Grounds
There, where fresh water can be found  
I will let my roots flourish

In the city of insomnia,
Blankets of light saffron and honey
Over there, tomorrow safely holds
Over there, a today much more than yesterday

All that roars       quiet
Remains quiet in midst of roars
Growing! No longer dying
Rising from the Grounds


We Walk

Angelica Castro-Mendoza (Translated, English)

Not death, but nativity,
not from the heavens, but from the soil.
There where I see water
I will let my roots grow.

In the city of insomnia,
bright saffron and honey.
There tomorrow lingers.
There this day is more than the last.

Those which shout today
will soon find calm.
Flourish and die no more!
Born from the earth.

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