The Touch of Time

The charm of film photography is just incredible. Whenever I press the shutter, I know that the moment is engraved on the negative, turning the very negative into one of a kind.  For me, film photography is the way to document my life. Having the constrain of 36 photos a roll makes me to really consider the necessity of taking each photo and to cherish every single one of them. I usually get the films developed one month after they were taken. The experience of finally looking at the photos one month later takes me back to all these special moments, adding new interpretation to them. The magic of film is that through the beautiful film colors, I get to see the touch of time.
This set of photos is relatively personal as I take photos mostly for my own commemoration. I took the first four photos when I was travelling. The first three ones were taken in Yunnan and that was the time I started to take film photography seriously. The fourth one is taken in Cambodia this past winter. I was in the museum when this group of little monks came in. The last four are all important parts of my life. To capture them in film allows me to forget about how I usually look at them and search for the best angle instead.
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