The Character


My name be Abercrombie Shanks. It’s strange, don’t sweat it none, makes more sense in Cthanian. This day I’ma staring towards the wall area. You, being a you, wouldn’t recognize why I’m a staring ‘towards’ and not ‘at’ the wall area. I don’st want to startle it none. Me, being an I, knows that catching what seeks and is not saught requires saughting and not seeking in the general area unrelated to what was found from wence one did not saught. Savvy?

You, being a you, must anow ask abouts what it is that I splutter. And me, being an I, will with’ot thought affirm quite plainly, that to know you can’t ask, and since you’ve asked can now a not know. Gravy?

There is slim hope for you to know if’n you ask through Cthanian. For them, being they, that do document such things have found for quite sure that in Cthanian questions are given backwards. You, being you, ask with the answer that the recipient does reply with the question. So you, being you, must ask I, being me, what it is that was once the answer. Pervy?

From once we, being us, have agreed and can proceed and move on to what it is that I, being me, do seek. First came the Word which was quite unpronounceable and then flew the Verb which naturally required a subject. And that my, being I, dear friend, being you, was the first instance of the Character. Plainly?

The Character, being it, has tumbled and turned until finding, perhaps landing, in this general vicinity. The bugger, being it, has been know and supposed to insist on occupying those that it, being it, stingles. So I, being me, and you, being you, and we, being us, must carefully maintain who is whoing. I, being me, perhaps never meaning to suppose what others consider to be truest, can only insist that I, being you, am not lying. Sanely?

Those, being we, that do not understand should only see that you, being me, have grossly misestimated the general aporia construed in the great understanding that it, being them, has quite gone and fled and left us, being who, all with the wrong identity. Turvy?

The Character, being gone, was seeked and not saughted in the area which quite general was quite related to what was found. If all being equal as it surely most isn’t can be considered then listen. We, being y’all, have interacted most plainly with the concept that some, being I, call identity. If’n you, being it, ask with the answer then presently I, being us, will question you, that the Character exists in all as it should. Go live stories most wild and vibrant. Savvy?


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