Sit down for a minute. I know,
time does not wait.
Spare some for yourself. Close
your eyes. Visualize a colorful park,
maybe. Spring has arrived.
Uncover yourself. You
are alone. Do you miss
the bustling of the city?

Four months ago.
Or two years. What did you
bring? The city gave it
to you all and memories
of the others evaporated,
Spring brought no geraniums—snow
only. They’ve made peace with
the City. You should,

too. Who you seek has no time
for you. Do you? You have
travelled the world alone, picked
up the New York pace, the London
accent, the Kolkata taste and
forgotten it all. Are
you happy? You
wander the lost streets

of each new city hoping it will
be “The One” you call home
and have you learnt nothing? You
are your home. Arrivals and departures
don’t change that. You come
and go alone. Forgotten memories,
loved ones, and soon, your
departure from yourself will

lead anyone to arrive at
the conclusion: she was alone. She
did not belong in this city. Or
that city. She left them all
behind. New memories
bloom, momentarily ridding you
of your aloneness. The city you dream
of does not exist. Sit down.

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poet by day, wannabe globetrotter by night.

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