SPSM Open Mic Night: Write Up


Singers, Songwriters, Producers, and Musicians hosted “Open Mic Night” on February 25th, NYU Shanghai’s first artistic event of the semester. Performances varied from freshmen to juniors, solos to group a capela, ukulele to bass guitar. Applause was given for microphone feedback and jaw-dropping performances alike, demonstrating the support for the artistic community at NYUSH.

In a true demonstration of NYU Shanghai’s diversity, the night began with the Student Body president Claire Kai Xuan Yao singing a heartwarmingly beautiful Chinese song, accompanied by music from the computer. An a capella group followed, singing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, featuring impressive bass vocals and Sam Chen singing lead. Masha Korteleva, her guitar, and Russian music took the stage next, performing a cover of a song by an artist who opposed Vladimir Putin. Efae Nicholson said, “I came here to support Masha and I’m happy I did. I’m going to stay for the rest.”

Omer Cohen (SPSM Vice President), Artem Dovzhenko, Fred Cavagnac, and Hamd Bilal Tahir emulated Megadeth next. Tahir took the vocals, while Cohen, Dovzhenko, and Cavagnac laughed and vibed with each other across the stage on the guitar.

Agnes Santiano and Hobin Kim sang a lullaby accompanied by Kim on the ukulele, introducing it as a tribute to the long-distance relationships that NYU Shanghai is prone to. They smiled and laughed while singing, lending clarity and emphasis to the love the song spoke of. SPSM President Sevi Reyes followed with another Jason Mraz cover, “A Beautiful Mess”.

Eric Shin and Konrad Krawcyzk followed, taking the beat up a notch with an acoustic “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber. Shin rapped on par with Nicki Minaj with the moves to match, throwing glances far out into the crowd.

Junior David Santiano finished up the night with two jazz songs on his guitar, one he had played many times and one he was trying out for the first time.

Free Play followed, with a few members of the audience taking to the keyboard or the guitar. All in all, about twenty members of the NYU Shanghai student body performed with many more seated in the audience or wandering down to see what the guitar was all about.

Stay tuned for recordings of the performances!

Photo Courtesy of Savannah Billman

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