Songha Ban performs: Closer – The Chainsmokers w/ Lia Kim Choreo

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I was born and raised in South Korea and have been dancing since the age of six. I trained in Latin dance in elementary school and started dancing K-pop with my friends when I was 11 years old. I did not have any professional training for hip hop before, but leading the high school dance club and choreographing for some dance competitions, I became more interested in hip hop/street jazz and learned them by myself watching youtube videos. In 2013, I had a chance to perform hip hop and K-pop dance in front of 1600 people at the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round in Dubai. After graduating high school, I joined the dance crew called “White Show” and had street performance on the busking street in Hongdae, Korea. In 2016, as a cast member of the NYUSH Reality Show, I contributed to choreographing and staging parts of the show.

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