Smile Big, Lucy


During Qingming Festival, it rains. On the lake of Shaoxing, Lucy, Jonathan and Oscar sat on the bamboo boat, sailing on the lake in the rain.

Lucy sat on one side alone. Jonathan and Oscar sat on the opposite side. It is April, spring time. Lucy held her umbrella with her right hand, and flicked her long-to-shoulder black hair with her left hand. The wind kept messing up her hair. She finally decided to put her hair to the left side shoulder and hold the hair with her left hand, smiling at Jonathan. Jonathan watched her dealing with her hair, shaking his head and smiling back to her. Oscar held the umbrella for himself and Jonathan. “Sail it slow please.” Oscar told the boatman in Shaoxing dialect.

“After this rain, it will be warmer,” Oscar told Lucy and Jonathan.

“But Jonathan will be far away when the weather gets better.” Lucy said, didn’t move her eyes away from Jonathan.

“Lucy, it’s just a semester.” Jonathan shrinks his shoulder.

“But…I won’t have a friend when you are gone.” Lucy looked away from him. The mountains on both sides of the lake were wet, because of the rain. Some small white flowers just bloomed when the Spring came, but now they were shaking in the rain.

“You will have friends. Just try to make friends.” Jonathan tried to comfort Lucy.


But it seemed that he made it worse. Lucy looked at him, and looked back at the mountain. The paddles were splashing the green water. Winds came with the rain. Lucy held her hair tighter.

“Lucy, sorry about the rain, but hope you are enjoying this trip.” Oscar tried to break the silence.

“The rain is fine. Thank you very much for showing us your hometown.” Lucy replied with a polite smile.

“Anytime!” Oscar replied with a big smile.



The rain stopped in the afternoon. Oscar showed them the old house of Lu Xun— a Chinese writer who said he would fight for the people with his pen. Lu Xun was a doctor. One day he realized that it was not medicine that could heal people. It was his pen that could heal people. So he started writing.

Inside of Lu Xun’s house, Lucy walked around and saw some paintings on the stone walls. She stood in front of one painting. That was a painting of an old man. His eyes were dark and deep. Someone wrote “孤独(lonely)” with pencil in the painting. “Where is Lucy?” Lucy heard Jonathan’s voice. He and Oscar were looking for her in another room. Lucy could not move away from the old man’s eyes. When Jonathan found her, she was standing still in front of the painting.

“What attracted you to that mush?”

“Look at his eyes.”

“He had deep eyes.”

“It means 孤独”

Jonathan stepped closer to look at the man’s eyes. “Deep eyes don’t mean lonely, Lucy.” He shook his head and smiled at Lucy.

“But he doesn’t have a friend!” Lucy’s eyes watered. She looked down at the ground to hide her eyes, and followed Jonathan out, pretending to not hear Jonathan say “You are emotional.”

Oscar showed them the small rivers within Shaoxing Town. Those rivers were old. Girls in Shaoxing used to wash clothes and sweet potatoes in the rivers. Now only ducks swim in the river.

Oscar showed them the field of yellow canola flowers. Jonathan stood in front of the flowers, Lucy took a photo for him. Lucy stood in front of the flowers, Jonathan took a photo for her. Lucy and Jonathan stood in front of the flowers, “Smile big!” Oscar told them. Lucy was amused by Oscar’s big smile. She smiled and look at the camera, Kacha.


Oscar sent Lucy and Jonathan to the train station in the evening. The train was an hour delayed. The train station was full of people. People were waiting for their trains on the benches. There was no more space on the benches. After a rainy one-day trip, Lucy, Oscar and Jonathan were all tired.

“Sorry that the train is delayed, Lucy.” Oscar tried to comfort Lucy.

“It is fine. I enjoy every moment” Lucy replied.

“Even when the train delays?” Oscar asked.

“Yes. Even when the train delays.” Lucy replied, looking at Jonathan.

“You are nice.” Oscar said to her.

“What?” Lucy asked for clarification.

“I said your attitude is positive.” Oscar repeated, smiling big to her.

Lucy flashed and looked at Jonathan again. One hour later on the train, she repeated to herself “you are nice.” She wanted to ask Jonathan whether he heard Oscar saying it, but she was afraid that Jonathan would tell her “don’t be emotional.” She was thinking of Oscar’s big smile and his compliment. Instead of wanting to get Jonathan’s approve that she was nice, Lucy told Jonathan, “I think Oscar is nice.”

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