Selfish or Self-Love


Selfie. This one word, which was only added to Oxford Dictionary about two years ago, has developed into a type of culture for our generation. Whether this “selfie culture” is creating us into self-obsessed instagramers or is simply a way of showing a little self-love is a debate between many. Interestingly enough, one of Oxford Dictionary’s example sentences for the word “selfie” is, “occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary”. This has many people, including myself, questioning: how many selfies is too many selfies or is there such thing as too many selfies?

Whether you got a new hair-cut, perfected the art of contouring, or you just woke up like this, some would say, any occasion is a selfie-occassion. Now, I personally don’t take selfies all the time, but when I’m having a good day and feeling myself a bit, I might snap a few — it’s a confidence booster to say the least. Especially when you’re having one of those days, scroll through your camera roll of selfies and tell me that doesn’t get you through that bad hair day. But again, if you were to post every single selfie you took, would that make you a narcissist or are you just showing off your confidence to your followers?

zendayaWhen discussing the “selfie culture” we live in, I think it is also important to acknowledge this new self-love, body-positive trend that also is taking over social media. In relation to selfies, this trend encourages, especially young women, to be confident, love yourself, and don’t be afraid to show it (through selfies, of course). For most selfie-takers, posting a selfie is not for approval or the likes, but rather you indirectly saying “I look good and I know it”. Does knowing you’re beautiful make you self-absorbed? Of course not! Nowadays, I think it is very rare for young women and men to be proud and show off their confidence so when someone shows a little bit of it, simply by posting a couple of selfes, they are thought to be conceited. Social media is meant to show your family, friends, and followers you, so don’t be apologetic for your confidence and self-love!

Go ahead and bless your followers with a sensational selfie, and maybe tell that person writing example sentences for Oxford Dictionary to self-love a little harder and work on their selfie-game.

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