On the Snowy Road

During my three day trip to Iceland this past January, I rented a car to explore the Golden Circle, a popular route used to see the natural beauty of the country. When tourist season is low, there aren’t many cars driving along on this road, and as I found my way out of Reykjavik, I quickly realized the white-capped mountains and vast, untouched fields of snow surrounding me had transported me to a strange new world. The sense of wonder lasted the entire trip, there and back. Although this was the first trip I’d ever taken alone, I felt a calming sense of solitarity instead of loneliness.

When the day only lasts less than six hours, the light changes fast and casts new color schemes upon the landscape, and around every bend was a stunning view. I often found myself pulling over to the side of the road, even if there were no landmarks nearby, to capture these changes. Iceland is the type of place where subjects are aplenty, but the challenging part is showing just how incredible you feel to be in that moment. I chose a few photos that mostly focus on the impressive nature of Iceland but also have hints of human society mixed in. Although they don’t exactly do Iceland justice, I hope it inspires others to explore places out of their comfort zone and to enjoy the ride.



Body: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Lens: 50mm

Aperture: F1.8 (all photos)

Taken on: January 18, 2016

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