October Daydreams


Let’s get lost


Open the little garden gate to the old woods.

Across town, into the field, over stonewalls,

We enter the forest,

One that’s falling into autumn

And quiet with sun-splashed witch hazel,

Crisp apples waiting to be plucked,

Pumpkin blossoms and purple cornflowers whispering nearby.


You say


Let’s get lost in these woods

Traverse every rock and root on this earthy road.

Through the trees, deeper into nature, our worries passed,

Light pouring as rain, flooding the shadowed branches and trunks

Of our birch and maple cage,

One that’s salted by sea breeze

And changing with thought-waves and dream-tides.


Our dirt path now blends into sand dunes,

Periwinkle shells and creamy conches welcome us to paradise,

Where we’ll wonder and wander in icy, wanton winter

Sitting, lying, looking heavenward to billions of blazing crystals  

The marine beast before us

The palace of deities above

A single galaxy uniting them together.


And you say


Let’s get lost in this world

Open our young eyes to an ancient Earth

Across time, into the future, over the past

We live in a city,

One that’s beating and breathing to the heart-tune of twenty-six million souls

And humming with neon,

Colors evaporating into the night.


Let’s get lost in eachother

Speak languages known the world-over

But words known only to us.

No matter in the old woods or in pulsating city

I know what I’ll say…
“I’m there.”

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Art is both an escape from reality and a way to understand what is real. To experience, learn about, and reflect on the human ability to create has brought peace to people for centuries, and I'm excited to join in with curiosity and an open mind.

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