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Name: Anita Bonomi Title: Ma fête x Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette (Renoir) Date: October 2015 Medium: Photoshop
Name:Anita Bonomi Title: Surf x Sky (Constable) Date: November 2015 Medium: Photoshop
Name: Anita Bonomi Title: Woof x Hunting Dogs (Courbet) Date: November 2015 Medium: Photoshop
Name: Anita Bonomi Title: Lijiang shen me? x Pagamento del Tributo (Masaccio) Date: December 2015 Medium: Photoshop
Name: Anita Bonomi Title: Lundi in Prague x L’absinthe (Degas) Date: October 2015 Medium: Photoshop

I’ve always cherished the bond one can create with a work of art. The intimacy I feel when I’m in front of a late Tiziano, a Venus of whatever epoch or a whispering British landscape painting, is beyond anything my vocabulary could encapsulate. My collages I guess are a way for me to actually forge a physical bond with these works I admire and know almost every brushstroke of.

I got the idea from the papiers collés of Joan Miró and Juan Gris that I kept revising at the MoMA last year. I was sincerely drawn to how anchored they were to a certain time and place due to the newspaper cut-outs pasted on the canvas as well as the chair seat that Picasso included in Still Life with Chair Caning (1912). They tell a story, a specific experience at a café lived by one person that is transmitted through the texture and materials that surround them at that moment.

Even though in my images I don’t include different physical media and do the rendering on my computer, I still play with the idea of different mediums. The personal photographs I use to merge real oil paintings and snapshots of my life with seem to be a way for me to express how present art history is in the way I view my encounters and experiences. In short: I can only dream of being photo-bombed by Vicomte Lepic, cheating at a card game rendered by Caravaggio or asking the Milkmaid what she has prepared for lunch.


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I wish I had performed on one of Yves Klein's canvases.. Part-time flâneur and part-time at the Duke of Urbino's cinquecento's court disposal, I am enthralled by the way the history of art has forged its way into my life

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