Living the Cliche

I walked into the restaurant, and I was sitting by the bar drinking red wine. He was staring off into the distance and I hesitated before approaching him. The first word out of his mouth was “you?” I sighed, “Yes, me.” I tried to calm myself, especially in front of my ex-husband. He knew this is my favorite restaurant we used to come here a lot when we loved each other. He even remembered my favorite red wine, “You haven’t quite yet?” He asked. I sighed again, “No Cornelius, I haven’t.” He pulled a box of cigarettes out of his pocket, drew one out and lit it. “You haven’t quit either,” I said. “I guess some things never change,” he said, taking my hand. “No, I guess not,” I started, ready to submit myself to another night of rom-com cliches, but immediately I felt something go wrong. The audience was restless. “But, but, not this!” I blurted, ad lib. There was a hush. It felt as if the universe was holding its breath, no that’s wrong, more like the universe got punched in its gut. Then regaining its breath Cornelius whispered, “What did you say?” Panic was rising in his cheeks. “Not This!” I threw the wine in his face and ran out the door, oh yeah, we we’re off book for real now. I hailed a cab a block down from the restaurant. I saw him running down the street as the cab approached. I got in and closed the door as he reached the cab. The driver sped off as he shouted at me to stop. Well, we were back to a cliche.

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