Lilac Waves


**A poem that I wrote during our Broke Bre/ad nights at Old Shanghai. Someone read aloud several different words. We were to pick a couple that stood out and write about them. I picked “waves” and “lilac”.**


Too early in the morning for the sun to be up

Sky inky with lilac undertones

Waves gently lapping onto the pure sand

Footprints only made by me and him

Footprints can’t illustrate our entwined hands

Both in his hoodies

Both in shorts

Both without shoes

Stars dotted the blue black canvas

Salty breeze caressed our faces

Waves lick our feet, sometimes our ankles

Disruption in our prints

Indicate our dance

Hair floats in the breeze

Eyes only see eyes

Peeking sun drowns us

Two bodies entwined, asleep

Written By

Class of 2019 kid who loves roller coasters, motorcycles, flying, music, and of course, reading books and writing.

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