Laundry Thoughts


Together for as long as I can remember,
Keeping each other company,
In the little closet we called home,
Our matching tattoos spoke volumes,
So we never had to.
Words weren’t needed,
Our love ineffable.

But one day we were thrown into a storm.
We held each other tight,
Somehow managing to hold on,
But the storm was just the start,
And a massive drought followed.

But this wasn’t anything new,
We’d weathered these trials before.
Our bond unbreakable,
Together forever.

But as time went on,
Cracks began to show and seams began to tear.
We tried and tried but fate is cruel.
One day I lost you to the storm,
Or to the drought,
I’m not really sure.
All I know is you were nowhere to be found.

Now I sit in my dark room, surrounded by other couples,
Wondering if you were taken from me or if you ran away.
I sit silently.
Patiently waiting.
And my heart cries out,
Was I no longer good enough?
Weren’t we meant to be together forever?

But you still haven’t come home,
I know deep down you’ll never come home,
I know deep down I’ll never find another like you,
I know deep down that I have no value without you,
Weren’t we meant to be together forever?
What about our tattoos?
What about our destiny?

Together, forever
Well… perhaps forever isn’t actually that long.
But I’ll still be sitting here,
By myself, Patiently waiting,
Surrounded by the other couples in your sock drawer,
Holding on to our destiny,
Until I’m simply tossed aside,

**Thoughts of the lone sock that survived the cruel dryer.

Written By

Itmum Momin does not believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, but he does believe that words have the power to change lives. This belief drives him to write short stories and currently, he is working on a novel as well. Itmum claims he is a cynic and a romantic, often times simultaneously and this has clearly come through in the works he’s submitted for FEAST

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