Hardness (软硬)


Hardness. This word sparks many associations in my mind. Hard muscles versus soft fat, strong and weak personalities, power relations, sex. All of these come together in gender struggles- something that I always dealt with, and still is dealing with.

When painting this piece 9 years ago, I was in a weird position in high-school. Seen as too aggressive for a girl and a tom-boy who doesn’t wear skinny jeans and short skirts, others thought of me as a hard person while constantly questioning my sexuality and gender.

At that time, I learned about Salvador Dali, and was fascinated by his visualization of softness and hardness that gave me a surreal uncomfortable feeling. I went to the school’s studio with the goal of conveying a similar feeling myself. I don’t know if I achieved my goal, but when I stare at it sometimes, my first painting post-kindergarten does makes me feel, something.

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Creative Writer, Painter, Snapchatter. I see art as a form for artists to deal with the issues they observe and expose others to the change they wish to see.

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