I would like to name this set of pictures as “glimpse”, because I took these photos with a very casual mindset without any strong motivations and impulses, when I wandered around at our campus building. I was studying at the library that day and when I unintentionally looked up through the window, I saw the beautiful colour of the sky affected by the sunset and a splendid mixture of artificial lights. This scene deeply attracted me so I decided to record it with camera. Sometimes you don’t need to deliberately seek for beautifulness, sometimes they’ll just come straight to you. So I decided to wander around in the campus building with my camera to see if I can bump into beautiful things that I had not noticed or even known before. When I came to the staircase between the 14th and 15th floor, I was attracted by the clearness of the objects.  The beautifulness comes out of a sense of utmost simpleness, like the aesthetics adopted by the design of Apple and :. The arrangements of how the chairs were put in the 2nd floor cafe also arose my interests. At the first sight these chairs seemed to be very boring and worth no attentions from us, but when you see it from another perspective, you may find the underlying sense of order and implications beneath its surface. I also took a picture that featured the pavement of the century avenue. The shadows of the trees and the overall tone of colour made the picture like traditional Chinese ink painting. I used neutral density filter lens to achieve this effect. I did not use too many techniques when taking these photos. All I could think of was to adjust the aperture to make the light not too strong or too week.

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