Extruscian Printer Difficulty

The Extruscian fleet hovered ominously in orbit over planet Xerxes. 1000 ships in total, all large, all deadly, each possessing enough Extruscian soldiers to decimate an army. The largest craft, Oblivion, floated at the front of the fleet, waiting to strike the unknowing Xerxes below.
In ten thousand brightly lit offices, bleary-eyed bureaucrats worked listlessly. Fifty thousand kettles boiled over with dull hooting. A hundred thousand pens scribbled, a million pens scribbled. Their job, as a massive, nameless machine, was to write a statement of surrender.
As the twin suns rose on the western hemisphere of Xerxes, a ship descended through the atmosphere. The Extruscians we’re not a bloodthirsty race, they simply demanded submissiveness and we’re prepared to enforce those demands. The denizens of Xerxes were prepared to bow their heads to this power. There was only one problem. The printer had jammed.
Ten thousand bureaucrats scrambled everywhere. Panic and chaos reigned in the offices. How could they take the statements of surrender to the people without the paper? Their commander would be furious. “No one say anything. We will figure this out without alerting him.” They had to act. With the printer jammed, they had a hundred and one men working full power. But only one printer. The fifty commanders of Xerxes we’re calling family and friends on their holograms, trying to find useful advice. One had an idea. To use the improbability machine to solve the issue. But realizing that it could ruin the whole planet, threw it out in the trash bin.
Yet a solution emerged from an unexpected source. Juhn, the youngest Xerxesian on planet, not yet 326 earth years old. He tugged on his mother’s dress, “Mother, why don’t we just use one of their printers?” Then he pointed at the spaceships hovering above.

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