Cooking Experiments with John – #1- Rice Cooker Bread


This is a quick recipe for those of you who miss having some nice homemade bread on a rainy day. The recipe is simple, though it does take some thyme (hahah just kidding, that was a cooking joke. But seriously lots of time, three and a half to four hours). But if you’re feeling lonely, warm bread is the best way to buy friends. For cooking supplies you’ll need a mug, a medium sized bowl, and a rice cooker (no duh).


**The basic recipe is from James Morton and his book Brilliant Bread. The addition of a rice cooker is all my own. If you enjoy baking please check out his book because it rocks! Also if you need a visual aide here is a video of Morton making his bread sans rice cooker: (He is simg_3311ooooooo dreamy!)**



2 ¼ mugs of flour

Enough salt to cover the bottom of the mug

One sachet of yeast (obtainable at your local LianHua)

And one mug of water

(So few ingredients! WOOOW so easy!)




Step 1) Pour dry ingredients in a bowl. Don’t pour the salt on the yeast, they are not friends. Sift together with your fingers. Pour in water. Mix with hand until you form a ball of dough. Cover and let rise for an hour.


(Notice how the dough looks like a ball of dough? That’s how you know its correct)




Step 2) Lightly dust a countertop or flat surface with flour. Place the dough ball on the surface. Now pinch an edge of the ball, pull, and place back in the center of the ball. Spin the dough and repeat. You should get a nice tight ball. Next use both hands to round the ball into a nice smooth shape (I have never done this satisfactorily, if it looks like crap, no worries your taste buds will not care). Cover and let prove for another hour.


(Hey it doesn’t look to bad right there! Cause I’m a kickass baker)





img_3316(Step 3) Now get out your rice cooker and make sure it works. You can dust the inside with flour if you like. Cut a tiny slit in the top of your dough ball and then place in the rice cooker. Close the rice cooker and let it cook. I usually set a timer for an hour. When you come back you’ll want to wear some protection (for your hands you perv!) because you’re going to flip the bread in the rice cooker. Because the heat is so low it’s hard to get a good crust, but that’s just how it goes. Once the bread is flipped let it bake for another 45-60 minutes. After this it should be finished, but if not, let it cook till you think it’s done.


(So after proving it looked a little watery, and big, and not great, because I’m bad at measuring ingredients)



(Step 4) Eat as you please!

(This is what it will look like if you f**k up. Be better)

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