China 2K15

Over the summer, rather than returning home, I decided to stay in China to try to make the most of my experience here. Set on not breaking the bank, I only paid for lodging in emergency situations, with 99% of my trip completed by couchsurfing and volunteering on farms. Altogether I went to 8 locations, starting in Shanghai then going to 北京,凤凰公社,呼和浩特,石河子,乌鲁木齐,成都,龙兴,and 昆明 before looping back to Beijing and Shanghai.

The summer changed me. It gave me a much better understanding of myself as an individual, of this amazing country that we reside in, and of what it means to be both an American expatriate and a foreigner living in China.

Above are just some highlights, mostly one picture per province/major city. To see more of my summer, you can flip through the slideshow below or check out the complete album on flickr, and if you’d like to hear more about my travels feel free to listen to my interview with On Century Avenue. 

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