Blank Space & Style Mashup

Artist introduction:

Music is my go-to hobby for unwinding and unplugging myself from the cycles of daily life. I started singing in 7th grade and learned to play the guitar shortly thereafter. Playing music has always been something casual for me, which gives me a lot of freedom to engage in songs I love and work on my music whenever I most feel like it. I love acoustic songs. I love covering them on my guitar and singing to them in my own style. And I love finding harmonies and blending voices.

About the song:

This song is a cover of two songs by Taylor Swift, Blank Space and Style. My sister and I both enjoy music as a casual hobby, and so we often sing duets. Our voices have always blended very well, so we always add harmonies to the songs that we sing. We fell in love with the mashup of Blank Space and Style, which is why we decided to work a bit more on it. We ended up recording a live version of Blank Space and Style in our makeshift studio (just us, locked up in my bedroom, singing to my sister’s iPad). We have been making plans to record more professionally in the future, but we keep making ‘work’ an excuse for not doing so. Maybe music should become one of our top priorities someday.

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As a burgeoning photographer, amateur painter, and devoted musician, I love exploring art in its different forms. Where passion overflows and ideas have no limits, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in my craft and learning through artists around me.

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