Aperture Photo Challenge: Black and White


Aperture’s monthly photography theme is an event that welcomes all members of NYU Shanghai to submit photos on the designated theme. We really want to encourage students to participate, and submit photos regardless of what gear they’re using. Whether it’s with a pro level DSLR or a smartphone camera, the subject and creativity behind the shot is far more important than what it’s shot with. You can take the photo with your camera, your phone or any creative way you can think of. The quality of the photos will be judged by student voting and executive board voting. Photographers of the top three photos will win prices including filter lens, shutter release cables, mobile lens, camera cleaning set, reflector, lomo camera, camera strap, photo album, etc.

Please send your submission to: nyushaperture@gmail.com before March 31st.

The theme for the first month event is: Black and White.

Start exploring the beauty of photography NOW!

Courtesy of Aperture

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