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Devil Dearest
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Piece 4:
President Elect 2016

On my birthday this past year, I found out that despite living my entire life under the impression that I was born in the year of the rat, in 1996 the Chinese New Year actually didn’t occur until a full two weeks after I was ejected into the world. Meaning my zodiac animal was actually a pig, the last member of the crew to arrive to the heavenly feast, which inexplicably and instantly felt right to me. Upon doing my research, I found that my personality fell way more in line with that projected for the pig than the rat and was quite satisfied with my discovery, save for the fact that this year of the monkey is supposed to be a bad one for swine kind.

Anyway, these works were created in a period of reflection following this discovery while I was playing around with the idea of people’s zodiac and astrological signs being much more transparent. I tried to imagine a world in which we didn’t see people for race or color, but instead by this semi-arbitrary “indicator” of personality. I then found photographs of various animals that were either apart of the Chinese zodiac or had personal significance to me, and mixed and combined them with photographs that I’d taken over the summer during my travels, working in lots of photomanipulation.

The works as a whole are named Animale after the music video for the song by Don Diablo and Dragonette, which also played well with the idea of animal instincts and the distinction between what makes us human and what makes us “natural.”

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Photographer, Creative Writer, Maker and wannabe musician. At any given point, I'm transitioning between different creative pursuits and my overall message is always shifting, but at the end of the day I truly believe art is for the purpose of enlightenment, both for the audience and for the artist.

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